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been forced to go without insurance can now now go to and enroll in plans that have quality coverage. people will have six months to sign up. they'll have the opportunity in many cases for the first time in their lives to get affordable coverage that they desperately need. of course, if you're one of the 85% of americans who already had health insurance, you don't need to do a thing. you're benefiting from new benefits and protections that have been in place for some time under this law. but for the 15% of americans who don't have health insurance this opportunity is life changing. let me just tell folks a few stories that are represented here today. a few years ago amanda barrett left her job in new york to take care of her insurance. for a while she had temporary insurance that covered her multiple did hmultiple sclerosi. after that ended she could not find coverage. now today she'll be able to get coverage. sky high premiums forced nancy to choose between paying rent and paying health insurance. she has been uninsured ever since. she pays all her medical bills out
a few hiccups can we expect the plan to deliver on its promise of controlling healthcare costs. >>> and why is a generation of interpreters who risked their lives for our troops in afghanistan live in fear of their lives. >>> we begin with the government shutdown over the affordable care act. as reported, a few house republicans who have been firm in opposing the law are now showing some signs of want to go negotiate. >> on the same day the federal government closed for business the key provision of the affordable care act known as obamacare, came into effect with the start of open enrollment. >> it's a law that passed the house, passed the senate. it was a central issue in last year's election. it is settled, and it is here to stay. >> reporter: president obama blamed the republicans for holding the government hostage over ideological demands. but republicans including senator minority leader mitch mcconnell remained determined to defund or delay obamacare. >> they're doing this because they would rather see the american oh government shut down. >> the last time the government
on the for business. the only place. fox. ♪ ♪ >> david: with a controversial healthcare exchanges about to kick in. the president admitting the law did kick up taxes. >> it's paid for by a combination of things. we did raise taxes on some things. >> david: some things? well, some here say try a lot of things. they're not things. they're people. it's just the beginning. so are they right or wrong? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." focus with steve forbes, john tandy, rich unger, rich karlgaard, sabrina. some things? >> you get more taxes. the government is running so it you get less supply and less innovation. at the end of the day you get less longevity and more pain. in other countries it's higher taxes or less supply of healthcare. they can't get around it. >> david: rick, we had a solemn promise by the president selling this that the taxes would not go up. now, he admits, first, he violated that promise. this will hit people and their pockets. >> we had a solid promise that the president would not raise taxes on people earning less than $250 ,000. >> david: he said tax
known as obamacare and the healthcare law that goes into effect later today has been a make sticking point for republicans. >> the house has made its position known very clearly, we believe we should fund the government and we think there ought to be basic fairness for all americans under obamacare. the senate has continued to reject our offers. but under the constitution there is a way to resolve this process and go to conference and talk through your differences. >> reporter: and al jazeera mike looks back at the hours leading up to the deadline and how congress failed to reach an agreement. >> the government is officially shut down. earlier president obama expressed his frustration over the show down that eventually led to the shut down and between the republican run house and the senate run by democrats. >> the shut down will have a very real economic impact on real people right away. >> reporter: back in march congress passed a stop gap measure or temporary bill and it expired at midnight and a shut down of some parts of the continue until congress agrees on a new bill and the
you this. is there a way out of this? democrats are not going to go along with postponing healthcare. you don't have the votes to override a veto. is there a third way, is there some way to prevent the government from having to shut down and putting 800,000 federal workers on furlough? these are people, many of whom work by the hour. they need the money. this is going to -- this is really going to hurt them s there a way to prevent that from happening? >> i think there is a way. and i have been saying all along that we should negotiate. see, historically bob the way it worked is if the house is republican and passed something and the senate was democrat and passed something you had a conference committee, equal number of republicans and democrats and you hashed out your differences. why don't we have a conference committee on this? you could appoint one today and meet tomorrow and hash out the differences. that is the way it is supposed to work. republicans and democrats are supposed to find a middle ground but right now, it is the president saying my way or the highway, if i don't
>> those of us who are opposed to the federal government running healthcare in this country do so not out of pettiness, not out of meanness, not out of lack of concern for our fellow citizens. but because we want to diminish the role of the federal government in our lives. >> mike viqueira is at the white house, and mike, the president is summoning the leadership to the white house this evening. is this a positive sign? >> reporter: well, it could be. they've been talking past each other. they haven't been talking to each other at all. at least now they'll be in the same room, stephanie. that's a breakthrough in the context of everything that has been happening before. what has happened before and continues to happen in the second day heading into the third day of the government shutdown is people are making the same rhetorical points over and over again. there is no negotiation whatsoever. each side waiting for the other to blink. each side waiting for the house and senate floors as messaging devices to put the other side in a box try to make them look back. try to gain some poli
of march. . is as house leaders talk about the healthcare law. also known as exchanges, many will be eligible for government help to help pay for the plans. the law for bids insurance companies from rejekding people because of resisting conditions. by 2014 every american with very few exceptions will have to have some form of health insurance or be fine. obama care is at heart of the shut down standoff. our next guest is a democrat who supports obama care, but says there's room to improve the plan. go down to democratic senator richard blumenthal. he joins me from connecticut. thank you for joining us. what would you do to change and improve obama care? >> one of the aspects of obama care that i think needs attention is its affects on businesses. increasing expenses at a time when they are recovering from the greatest recession in greatest history. there may be other areas that need improvement but the ways to address those issues are separately not to hold hostage the entire nation in effect trying to decimate a program that's been passed by congress, signed by the president
for health insurance were launched and overloaded. the main federal website, had 3 million visitors, the president is urging americans to be patient. >> in syria wepon inspectors are back to oversee the destruction of that country's chemical weapons. the team of independent experts arrived their mission to kind, take party and destroy chemical weapons. >> a strong warning about the president of iran, from benyamin netanyahu, of israel. he accused the president of iran as being a wolf in sheep's clothing, that is the latest, i'll be back in the next hour. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs. will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay
but at least he is not forcing me into a healthcare exchange. i don't want the government standing between me and the guy that applies my leeches. i don't know why the peasant has an accent like that but it should probably not be from jersey. anyway, the house republicans have made the incredibly unpopular move of forcing a shutdown of the united states government, to save us all from having to -- there is only one thing left to do. to the damage control station! man the store, man. i wonder if it is going to be like the sequester where before the sequester we heard essentially the sky is going to fall and you are going to feel the pain immediately. not so much. the worst thing that happened is some museums closed and someone can't go to the statue of liberty. >> we were warned the sky was going to fall but the sun came up, didn't it? >> no one told you the sky was going to fall. no one told you the government shutdown had the same effect as an asteroid hitting the planet. the government shutdown did affect the program tha that woud tell us that is happening. no biggy. >> when the president c
healthcare, i would welcome you with open arms. are you getting a warm welcome for people? do people find you, or do you find them? >> people find us, ali. we have gotten a lot of phone calls today. we probably had close to 100 people calling. a lot of them because they were trying to navigate the system, themselves. and we were also out in the community and we had people come to us as well. all in all, i have to say, most of the people were very kind, very patient, very understanding. it's day 1. obviously there is going to be some sort of glitches, and they were all very understanding, very patient. obviously, there is always a few that are anxious. >> sure >> to get the information. >> it seems to me florida has not made it all that easy for people to figure out how to deal with obamacare or to get information. tell me a bit about this. >> well, i think that people in general are just not as educated about obamacare as we would like them to be. >> that's where we come in to play. we are here to help people understand the system, understand the benefits that are available to them, help them
answers. ((break 2)) affordable healthcare act is now open for business. healthcare exchanges have generated plenty of viewer questions here and at our sister stations across the country. national correspondent kristine frazao has been keeping track of your e--mails and she's here to sort thru the confusion. [frazao standup] in "challenges continue for people across the country. even though we've known the law was going to be implemented for more than a year, some very basic questions remain. . " trt=:11 [first question/with map pensacola, florida "will i lose my private insurance and my medicare?"] janet in pensacola, florida, a viewer of w-e-a-r tv wants to know if she'll lose her private insurance and medicare? [sot ed kafes/healthcar e insurance broker] in 10:48:53 "no, she won't lose either. her private insurance could be an advantage plan or it could be a medicare supplement and a drug card. she will not lose either." trt=:10 [2nd question map nashville, tn question: "i keep having trouble signing up online. what are my options now?"] next we go to nashville, tennessee and vg
about the budget battle and the healthcare. >>> the suspect on a deadly attack on a dodgerÁfan is released today. there's not enough evidence to charge him for murder. the father of the victim making a plea for witnesses to come game. >> we're told robert will be here at the ballpark. a father trying to get his killer back behind bars. home in lodi, we tried to talk to 2 men. friends insist that they felt afraid, but pulled the knife instead. the da released 21 year old michael montgomery. even after an arrest and mission, according to authorities. >> we do have an admission. they had him down there in the interview room quite a long time. >> once we are able to view the evidence then we may be able to speak to that issue. >> reporter: whether montgomery is guilty of the crime will be up to authorities. but it's the feelings of guilt self- imposed life sentence. >> trying to sleep at night thinking about what you did on accident, you know. father is expected here at the ballpark sometime around noon. in san francisco, brian web, -k-p-i-x5. >>> in developing news, they're searc
you know by now he is talking about anything to do with his signature healthcare overhaul. some republicans are demanding changes to obama care in exchange for funding the government. caught in the middle, hundreds of thousands of federal workers who are now off the job without pay. and there are americans hoping to visit national parks. museums, and monuments, for example, world war ii veterans wanting to visit their memorial in d.c. the shutdown closed it. tonight, the national park service has let those veterans in. yesterday, you may note, a grouch veterans showed up at that memorial, members of congress moved the barricades, let them in and park police did not try to stop them. today, an idea for everybody to access it. coming from the republican national committee. the rnc offered to cover the cost of keeping the memorial open to the public for the next 30 days. the democratic national committee called that a silly stunt and blamed the g.o.p. for scuttling plans to keep the memorial and entire government open. there we have it back and forth. of course, members of congress
down. but contained a one-year delay for parts of the healthcare laws. these are the numbers. the dow lost more than 150 points. this could be the first partial government shutdown in 17 years. a cbs reporter, susan mcginnis, tells us republicans and democrats are blaming each other. >> senate democrats wasted no time talking about the mention of an affordable care act that would keep the government running. >> they just cabled the radical bill that the house sent over to us. it was deliberately designed to be politically provocative. >> earlier, john boehner defended the bill that the house passed over the weekend, that included a one-year delay in the healthcare law, arguing it is not ready for prime time. >> nobody knows what the rules are. employers are scared to death to hire new employees. cutting hours of many of their current employees. >> president obama addressed the deadlock after a meeting this morning with israel's prime minister. >> i said before, congress has two responsibilities. to pass a budget and pay the bills. >> unless one side blinks, the government faces
for over 30 years, united, united healthcare, and union bank. >> at union bank, our working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." world news bbc america reporting from washington. president obama summons congressional leaders to the white house, but there is still no end in sight of this u.s. government shut down. morealy, there is stability tonight after silvio berlusconi performed a political u-turn, helping the prime minister when a confidence vote. and what happens when a super bowl cano erupts? -- super volcano erupts? welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. , congressional leaders are gathering at the white house to meet president obama on day two of the government shut down. so far, there has been no sign of a breakthrough. short time ago, president obama gave an interview to cnbc television. and like everybody else, insisted he does not like this shut down. >> during t
today you can start shopping for coverage through healthcare exchanges. the government website allows you to shop around and compare plans regardless of age, gender or preexisting conditions. many websites were suffering deplays. the system was overloaded with thousands of calls. hundred of thousands of page views. >> there will be a number of glitching. there are always some with government websites. give it a day or two. >> those who don't purchase held care with in the 6 month will receive fines. those who purchase healthcare will receive the coverage in januaryst. -- january first. >>> congressman john worked for the organization when he was a lawyer. he said the new law will help sever more people. >> it connections those people who have been pushed to the margins of society. it connections them not just to healthcare but employment opportunities. so they can get back and be a real participating season. >> by the end of next year nearly all of it's clients will be covered by medicaid. >>> many of us are confused about the state of our healthcare. many will receive coverage by ja
tomorrow tens of millions can visit so americans with the fear that one illness could send them into bankruptcy, americans who have been priced out of the market because they've been sick once, they will finally be able to afford coverage, quality coverage, many of them for the first time in their lives. some may be sick as we speak and this is their best opportunity to get some security and some relief. tens of thousands of americans die every single year because they don't have access to affordable care act. despite this, republicans have said if we lock these americans out of -- affordable healthcare one more year if we sacrifice the healthcare of millions of americans, then they will fund the government for a couple more months. does anybody truly believe we won't have this fight again in a couple more months. at christmas. here's the bottom line. i'm always willing to work with crun, either party to make -- anyone, either party to make sure the affordable care act works better, to make sure our government works better. i'm always willing to work with anyone to gre our
the common good for over 30 years, union bank, and united healthcare. >> my customers can shop around, see who does good work and compare costs. it can also work that way with health care. with united healthcare, i get ratings for doctors, treatment options, and how much i will pay. that helps me and my guys make informed decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. that is held in numbers. united healthcare. -- that's health in numbers. united healthcare. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. stocks fell on worries that china might... announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: it's day two of the federal governme
. >> the latest phase went live at midnight. maryland's healthcare marketplace admitted to having some connecttivity issues this morning. >> m. isn't the only place -- m. isn't -- maryland isn't the only place struggling. >> people are already having difficulty with the new system. >> reporter: open enrollment for the affordable care act, also known as obamacare is here. >> just going to get your blood pressure. >> reporter: now every american can start shopping for healthcare exchanges, especially the 48 million who do not have insurance, which is about 15% of the population, including ronald morgan who may have to have his finger amputated. the government website, allows you to shop around, compare plans. >> give yourself half an hour, an hour to see what plans are available in your area. >> reporter: everyone, regardless of age or preexisting conditions will be able this get insurance. >> most uninsured americans will find they can get covered for $100 or less. >> reporter: if you continue to use your employer insurance, some plans are changing. critics said obama car
that would have gotten rid of the individual mandate of president obama's healthcare law. that would have kept the government running. in a letter to the 800,000 furloughed federal workers, the president had become punching bags and excused the reasonable medical certainty of holding the u.s. economy hostage. >> they go through, i know it's strange one party would make, the center piece of their agenda. but that's what it is. of course, what is stranger still, shutting down our government accomplished their stated goal. >> we like to figure out how to resolve this crisis and get the government funded and moved forward. with the people's business, but it's clear to me, at least at this point, that maybe the senate, democratic majority, and the president of the united states have any interest whatsoever in entering any discussions about how to resolve this impasse. >> and so far, the g.o.p. seems to be hanging tough. >> bruce leshan spoke with one local republican congress member who says they put up a good fight, but now it's time for spending bill three of attacks on obama care. >> i
really, really busy. >> reporter: kathleen is the ceo of access healthcare maryland one of six connectors in the state, this one in baltimore city along with anne arundel city and anne arundel county. they are connected with a healthcare policy that makes the most sense for them. >> if you have employer based health insurance, you can keep it. if you're a senior with medicare, you can keep it. if you're uninsured there are a couple options available. >> those options can best be explained by the experts at this call center and others like it or what they call navigators, essentially counselors scheduled to hit the streets for face-to-face consultations. there are 45 different plans to choose from. >> so our goal is to make sure that people get enrolled as well as enroll in our program. >> reporter: he is one of those carriers. he started a co-op healthcare company called ever green, one of the four this will offer individual healthcare plans in maryland. regardless of who you choose, he said study up on what is best for you and take advantage of that state agency. >> you can choose betwee
healthcare laws. joining us now we're happy to have mr. fedder. nice to have you. >> nice to be here. thanks for inviting me. >> for the drama and uncertainty about the affordable care act going on in washington, you're still going ahead and behaving as this act will become law. what is your strategy? >> well, the strategy is actually rather straightforward. it's very important in this environment to deliver greater value to our customers, and that comes in the form of increasing levels of clinical quality and lower costs. affordable care act or not, we would have pursued that. some of the things we're doing differently are preparing ourselves to be positioned effectively for the increasing numbers of people who have health insurance. >> you have been signing up on contracts with a lot of these insurance exchanges that you will be part of their networks for uninsured americans. what has been going on so far, how is it going? >> that's an effort we're under taking for nearly a year now. we were enthusiasm about the potentials, we thought it would be consumer friendly transparent way people wo
to fund the government. republicans want to delay the healthcare plan and the democrats won't go for it. live team coverage. ktvu's ken pritchett explores on the bay area but we begin with ktvu's julie haener. >> reporter: a government shut down is less than 4 hours away. president obama this afternoon blamed republicans for wanting to defund or delay his healthcare law. >> all of this is preventible if the house chooses to do what the senate has already done. and that is the simple act of funding the government without making controversial demands in the process. >> reporter: republicans accuse the president of being unwilling to negotiate. >> they refused to compromise. the republicans put forward a repeal bill, a defund bill, a delay bill. those are three different compromises. >> reporter: president obama warned if congress can't come up with a funding bill he finds arg americans would be -- average americans would be effected. >> pay checks will be delayed. services that seniors and veterans, women and children, businesses and our economy would be ham strung. >> reporter: it is unc
. >> >> the house has voted again to avert a government shutdown but only if the president's healthcare act are delayed. >> they rejected the latest bill. tera mergener tells us many law makeers are now saying a shutdown may be unavoidable. >> reporter: passions high on the house floor. the house republicans are shutting down the government. they are doing it intentionally. they are doing it on purpose. >> democrats are upset republicans approved the registration that the president is allowing to veto. it would delay parts of the affordable care act until 2014. >>> the american people deserve to have time to see what this monstrosity will do before it is imple thed. >> but senate democrats and the president said they will reject the house bill putting congress back at square one. >> if the two sides can't agree on healthcare, the bill won't go through and the government will start a partial shut down on tuesday. >> house democrats say israel won't reach a deal in time. >> this government is heard ling toward a shutdown and the american people deserve much better. >> national parks will clos
of obama care as congress fights bitterly over the new healthcare law. he we will take it step-by-step tonight telling you who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. >> some of the tea party anger is racist. having a nonblack person on 00 ticket will diffuse it. >> bill: once again a pundit playing the race card in presidential politics. we will take a hard look at that. >> you believe the holy spirit directed to write killing jesus? >> yes i believe that. >> you are suggesting you are the chosen one, bill. >> amany no the chosen one. >> after seeing the preview of this 60 minutes piece this coming sunday a philadelphia columnist mocks my faith. we will deal with him in the pinheads of the week segment tonight. >> behold his mighty hand. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. obama care madness, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo it is absolute chaos in washington. republicans trying to destroy obama care, republican
of the healthcare law including the individual mandate and scrap healthcare sub days for the president and congress. senate majority leader harry reid made it clear, it ain't clean or it ain't happening. and ditto, president obama, who says he is open to negotiate as long as runs stop insisting on cutting funds for his healthcare law. but republicans, particularly conservative republicans, are not doing that. democrats equally adamant they damn well better do that. which means this. lights out at midnight unless a miracle happens and soon. >> we just got word -- welcome to you -- that at least they a agree on this much. they'll protect the military in the event of a shutdown. more on that in a minute. to the president meeting with his cabinet, indications are not much has changed and the government will soon be down to spare change. less than eight hours away from something that hasn't happened in 17 years. the united states government shutting down. and we are all over it with senior producer, and ed henry at the white house. fox business network's sandra smith on the stock market, and trent lott
, union bank, and united healthcare. >> my customers can shop around, see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with united healthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options, and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me and my guys make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business and definitely not with our health. >> innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. united healthcare. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. >>> back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. here are the stories we're following this hour. americans and tourists feel the impact of the u.s. government shutdown as lawmakers remain divided over a bill to keep funds flowing to national agencies. >>> the asian developm
who say, whoa, we don't know if this is worth shutting the government down over the federal healthcare law. while they're opposed to boom care, they would like to splice that issue out at a later date and move forward on the budget bill but that is not the prevailing voice in the house. john boehner is hearing vocal outcry from that tea party group, and their message to hold back on obamacare is prevailing. >> senate decided not to work yet. well, my goodness, there is such an emergency where are they? it's time for the senate to listen to the american people just like the house has listened to the american people and pass an one-year delay of obamacare and permanent repeal of the medical device tax. >> he's blaming the senate, which was not serving in washington yesterday. the senate will come in today but they're not going to pass this house-led bill. instead once again they'll pass a clean bill that is one that just funds the government moving forward. it doesn't have any strings attached. we're hearing push back from democrats. a group of senate women democrats met and talked to th
means for americans. the president's controversial plan to provide healthcare to millions of americans is set to officially go into effect later today. there are a lot of questions about how it is going to work, and why it is at the center of the government's shut down, and after major diplomatic developments between the u. and iran, the prime minister of israel comes to america calling for caution. ♪ . >> good morning, and happy to have you with us. this is al jazeera america. for the first time in 17 years the u.s. government has shut down. the house and senate could not come to a deal to pass a temporary budget to keep things running. so when the clock struck midnight federal agencies were ordered to start shutting down. harry reid placed the blame squarely on the tea party's shoulders. >> it is embasing that these people that are elected to represent the country, are representing the tea party, the anarchists and that the majority of the house are falling every step of the way. this is an unnecessary blow, to america. >> earlier on monday night, president obama called the republi
. this time for what's being characterized as the three big sticking points. wages, pensions and healthcare. we heard from the unions and b.a.r.t. management and they say they are closer than they were at the coolingoff period. according to the unions, they are $40 million apart. >> they show the numbers are way off. they vary wildly. they said they had a $310 million projected deficit for the next ten years. when they subtracted $12, they -- $112 million, they came up with 340. >> reporter: the unions would not go into specifics on a three-year counteroffer on the table from yesterday. but b.a.r.t. management says their current offer is a one-time contribution each other and a cap on pay. they say thomas hock wracked up airfare and high-priced meals. >> we're accountable to the public. we take a look at what's been submitted and we make sure it's meeting all of the criteria. the criteria, alcohol is not reimbursable, first-class airfare is not reimbursable. >> reporter: while both said say they are closer, the mudslinging continues. leaders not knowing what will happen in the next few days
expensive. the healthcare quality is probably the same or worse or a lot more extensive and the prospects for children are dim and more time commuting than any sane human being wants to and climate change will screw everything up and the institutions aren't doing anything about it. if you're born after 1980 you have little reason to believe in and trust the institutions and the leaders of this country. i think this is the root of a lot of the frustration and anger we see in both parties. >> does technology and radical connectivity have a solution for some of those? >> i think it doesn't necessarily have an med solution. building real compelling alternatives to the current systems using this technology. the truth is it's all very early stage. there is not a lot of mature insurances staougsz that understand radical connectivity. wikipedia is probably one of the most mature institutions out there that understands the power that every individual carries around, the computing power and what that means for knowledge and expertise. even wikipedia isn't that old and is strugg
." representatives with "healthcare access maryland" are trying to make the most of a technically tough situation. 19:00:32 "there are many pieces to the affordable care act and we have trained, certified navigators who are here to answer all the questions consumers may have about the law and how it impacts them directly." at the annapolis library today... they're taking questions about everything from eligibility for illegal immigrants... to pre-existing conditions. john beck: 18:58:05 "well i heard the government was gonna cover my pre- existing conditions and i could get a hip replacement for free. is that true?" there's a lot to learn... about the options available... and the cost.... beilensen: 19:07:50 "part of the problem with the affordable care act, to be bluntly honest about it, is it can be extremely complicated." doctor peter beilenson runs "evergreen health co-op" -- one of four companies on the state exchange. they're ready to take on new clients... but aren't expecting big numbers just yet. beilensen: 19:04:30 "people still don't even know what the exchange is; the virtual marketplace
on healthcare. >> a government shutdown would have a huge impact on the dmv, federal employees bracing for the government shutdown beginning at midnight deeply worried about the next paycheck and the day to day losses of business. >> if the government workers don't -- some think the government workers don't necessarily work as hard, but we work long hours and through a difficult situation. >> it's going to take a huge effect on our food truck. >> the law says members of congress still get paid if there is a shutdown. >> so does the president. now it's your turn to sound off, of course, with our help a little bit. >> the wusa9 soapbox traveled to dupont circle in northwest today where scott broom talked with some fed up individuals. >> reporter: you have an opinion? you look like an opinionated person? he said he didn't have time. >> we can't. we're lawyers. >> considering i'm with the federal government. i can't. >> reporter: you look like you have an opinion. >> i still don't understand your politics. >> i have a lunch to get to real quick. shutting down the government in order to d
of the healthcare law on americans and the economy. the news conference ended after a protester accused the republicans of wanting to deny health care to millions of people. this is 15 minutes. >> ready? thank you for coming out here today. we just came out to provide a little bit of perspective here. some of the things that are being talked about with regard to the cr and obamacare being at the center of this debate. number one, we know america is up to our eyeballs in debt. we don't think it is time to rush forward with trillions in new entitlement spending. so what i'm doing is introducing a resolution that will simply asked the question. members can say yes or no. my question is does it make sense to move ahead with 1.3 trillion dollars in new entitlement spending when we are in the middle of a debt crisis? we're going to put that question to all the members. our answer is no. we hope that our colleagues across the aisle and across to capital would see that as an opportunity to also say no it doesn't make sense. in that light made we can take some appropriate action. that is our res
moderate republicans are trying to block a bill that demands changes in the healthcare overhaul in exchange for keeping the government running. senate democrats already have rejected similar bills and president obama is calling on congress to pass a funding bill with no strings atrashed. earlier today, house speaker john boehner said quote, that's not going to happen. >> this is a matter of funding the government and providing fairness to the american people. why wouldn't members of congress vote for it? >> you don't get to extract a ransom for doing your job. for doing what you are supposed to be doing anyway or just because there is a law there that you don't like. >> by the way the president says the new health insurance exchanges will open tomorrow with or without a government shutdown. we have team fox coverage. ed henry lye at the white house. james rosen with a look at what happens if the government shuts down and first to mike emanuel on capitol hill live. mike, what is the latest on this g.o.p. revolt in the house. >> well, john, there are a number of moderate house republicans who
ever passed. think about that. affordable healthcare is worse than a law that let's slave owners get their run away slaves back. these are quotes. i'm not making this stuff up. >> bill: there has been hysteria over obama care no question. but it's not just on the right, mr. president. many of your supporters have entered the land of lunancy. >> we are not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny the mere fact that obama is the -- obama care is the law. we will not bow to tea party anarchists who refuse to accept the supreme court ruled obama care to be constitutional. >> we are for cutting spending. rewe are for reforming entitle thes. not we what we are not for is negotiating with people with bomb strapped to their chest. >> talking points believes there should be a compromise. senator joe manchin democrat from west virginia says he would support a one-year delay for folks who do not want to be forced into the obama care arena. but the truth is, the senate and the president will never never going to do it. physical a compromise is not reached. >> break down essential services a
a clean bill, a bill that doesn't have this health-care condition attached to it. >> the last shutdown lasted about three weeks. we will see what happens this time around. for the very latest, go to our website, you can see the 12 real impacts of the shutdown. just click the link on the top of the homepage. details on how the shutdown will impact maryland coming up at 6:30. todayn enrollment starts for anyone who does not already have health coverage and for businesses that need to provide employees with coverage. open enrollment ends march 31st of next year. for more information on the affordable care act, you can call this number -- new set of laws they go into effect for marylanders. live withey joins us the things you need to avoid doing in your car from now on. good morning. >> good morning. as of today,, you can be pulled over just for using a hand-held cell phone while driving. also for not wearing a seatbelt. passengers in your car can also be fined for not wearing a seatbelt. not wearing a seatbelt is considered a primary offense. it will cost you $75 the first ti
to avoid a government shutdown. law willw health-care go into effect tomorrow. that has some experts warning the public. use linksy never anyone sends you. you can learn more about the affordable care act on our website, maryland's new gun laws also go into effect tomorrow. advocates are seeking a temporary restraining order, trying to block the measure. a judge cleared the way for a hearing tomorrow. a separate law challenges the provision of the new law. >> fire investigators are trying to investigate was started a fire under the bay bridge sunday afternoon. smoke was rising from the westbound span of the bridge. the fire was contained under the bridge. hoursc was backed up for as inspectors checked for structural damage. 6:35. time for another check in with ava marie. >> do you have my doughnuts ready? >> i am getting orders from the station. they are made from apple cider. we will talk about how they put the cider in the doughnuts. you guys offer a lot of different activities. yard.have the yarn -- barn yard. we offer a short hay ride. we have slides where families ca
of healthcare. those things are already happening. starting tomorrow tens of millions of americans will be able to visit to shop for affordable healthcare coverage. so americans who have lived for years in some cases want with fear that one illness could send them -- cases with the fear that one illness could send them into bankruptcy, americans priced out of the market just because they've been sick once, they'll finally be able to afford coverage, quality coverage, many of them for the first time in their lives. some of them may be sick as we speak and this is their best opportunity to get some security and some relief. tens of thousands of americans die every single year because they don't have access to affordable healthcare. despite this republicans have said that if we lock these americans out of affordable healthcare for one more year, if we sacrifice the healthcare of millions of americans, then they'll fund the government for a couple more months. does anybody truly believe that we won't have this fight again in a couple more months? even at christmas? so here's the bott
with the new healthcare law. are they saying to you that they think it was worth shutting down the government over this healthcare. >> no, they have all pretty much gotten used to it. they figured out how to have the paychecks adjusted. they figure if it doesn't do well they'll readjust. i don't know any ceo that thinks this is right. >> i want to mention, congratulations, 2,000th episode of mad money tonight on cnbc. >> thank you so much. the finger pointing on this began long before the shutdown. which side of the political aisle will get most of the blame this morning? chris matthews is host of hard ball and author of tip and the giper action when politics work. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> do you think this will go on for a few weeks? >> i think ted cruz brilliantly set this up. the timing no appropriations bill sign sod the government had to completely shut down. he said budget committee shouldn't meet. it's going into the debt ceiling issue. it's a one-two punch. politicians used to make deals. they don't want to make a deal this time. >> isn't the issue who ends up feeling m
. and now the republicans say they're offering a compromise? their compromise would deny people healthcare because of preexisting conditions for a year, make sure that people can't afford healthcare, can't get it for a year, but it does worse than that. it takes people on medicare and keeps them from getting the break on their prescription drugs and their doctors from getting the increase in reimbursement for their services. it would stop expansion of medicaid for very low-income people. this isn't just postponing it, it is undercutting the affordable care act. and this only widens the deficit. their provisions will cost us, and if they shut down the government, it will hurt a lot of people, want just government employees, but people all across the country. reject this republican proposal and let them fund the government. >> the time of the gentleman has expired. >> i yield one minute to the gentleman from colorado. >> the gentleman from colorado s recognized for one minute. we noticed to keep the insurance reforms in place. let me just say, i would encourage him to read the bill, and it d
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